nosmoking in pubs?
2007-06-07 15:01:09 UTC
got u there u thought it was a musician no but yeah but no but yeah if the non-smokers want clean air why don't they go outside and leave the smokers in the bar?
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karens lovinlife
2007-06-07 15:04:55 UTC
And the next thing you know there won't be drinking allowed either.
2007-06-07 15:16:37 UTC
Your thinking is about as clear as your writing is-and the air around you. Clean air is always better than foul, but the real problem is that pub owners are not willing to invest in adequate ventilation.

It does cost. To keep the air clean when many people are smoking, the system has to vent air out of the smoking areas in such a way that it does not pass through the non-smoking areas. The air must then go through a series of filters which need regular replacement, and a larger quantity of air from the outside has to be mixed in, increasing the heating/cooling costs.

The "conflict" between smokers and the rest of us at the bar/music scene has a straight-forward technical solution. With a little intelligence, smokers can smoke 'em when they've got 'em and bother no one at all.
2007-06-07 15:12:37 UTC
As a smoker I am more than happy to go outside to smoke! I have been doing that for years without a ban. I don't smoke in my own home so why should I smoke indoors when I go out? Even though I smoke, I can't stand the smell of smoke on my clothes after a night out. I am looking forward to the ban in public places!
2007-06-07 15:17:28 UTC
As a smoker, I have to admit I'd rather not smoke! I'm addicted to nicotene and wish I wasn't... I went to Canada a few years ago and smoking's banned indoors in public places and it's an absolute pleasure just to exist with the suggestion that I don't need to/shouldn't be smoking!

It doesn't stop anyone - we just go outside (And it's l3l00dY freezing outdoors in Canada!) but I smoked a lot less. I'd rather my kids grew up with the idea that smokin REALLY IS bad for you and isn't just another 'Adults only' thing.

2007-06-07 16:01:24 UTC
I understand where you are coming from, as a smoker myself, but I went to Ireland recently and it does actually work, the non smoking rule, everybody goes outside for a ciggy, and the pubs are now much nicer as a result of the rule.
Future boy
2007-06-07 15:18:42 UTC
I wish cigarettes would be banned completely I would safe so much money. As a smoker I know that my habit is disgusting I even know its not good for my health, but when I grew up Doctors were telling us that its good for you. So now I am stuck with this not so good habit that I am trying to get rid of. Its not easy but please dont make fun of it. That's why I would ask that we have a complete ban because walking past a person smoking a cigarette on the street is so difficult. Anyway to all of you trying to give up this month like me GOOD LUCK X
2007-06-07 15:14:07 UTC
I live in a non-smoking area for public establishments. After about a month it got kind of refreshing to be able to go into a bar and not reek when you left. Besides, us smokers go outside or to the patio, and often you meet more interesting people outside than inside.
2007-06-08 05:02:21 UTC
I DON'T SMOKE...but I think there should be a choice of smoking pubs and non-smoking pubs, then you have free choice about where you want to drink. My mother lives in Scotland and she said the streets are just littered with *** butts outside the pubs now, so one problem is solved and another problem rears it's head. They will never ban smoking as it brings too much money in for the government.
2007-06-07 18:13:45 UTC
Coz the smokers chose to smoke, not the non-smokers! Obviously, if a government wants to come across as anti-smoking (which EVERY government does!) they want to be seen to accomidate the non-smokers.
2007-06-07 15:22:50 UTC
It should be balanced as it did in the past, seperate smoking rooms.

What really cracks me is all the non-smokers ranting and raving about health issues but yet they continue to Drink ! Drive their cars ! Use chemicals to clean their homes !

Dont they all have health implications not only to themselves but to other people around them and also the environment.
2007-06-07 15:07:52 UTC
Why don't smokers go outside, and stop killing the people that work there =s...

Its about time these laws have come in, I just feel sorry for new kid in the staff which have to tell a big stranger to put out their ***. They will be terrified with good cause
2007-06-07 15:06:11 UTC
Im a smoker, and since the law came into force here last year in Scotland, its actually a pleasure to go to the pub and have a great night. It doesnt bother me, if I have one or not.
Tony B
2007-06-09 05:28:53 UTC
Smoking is simply a way of shortening your own and everybody else's life around you. If you smoke, you should be the one who moves away from non smokers not the other way around.
Wee Macumba Von Der Vroomta Boga
2007-06-07 17:46:48 UTC
Why don't smokers inject their fix like all respectable junkies and let the rest of the world breathe?
2007-06-08 07:27:44 UTC
Smoker. Starting to feel like a leper when i light up so cutting down......
2007-06-07 16:41:50 UTC
All it will do to me is save me money..cos i just wont go the pub, i'll go to my local off licence buy my beer for cheaper and sit in the house and smoke my head off.
2007-06-08 09:19:35 UTC
I don't want to keep going home smelling like someone who works in a kipper factory!
2007-06-07 15:08:27 UTC
Smoking is un-natural its like me slapping you in the face or shoving something down your mouth, so if your in a bar why can't I just slap you in the face, or stuff my leftovers down your mouth.

Hmm lets say everyone beats the crap out of each other in this one bar because they like it, and you walk in not even knowing this well if you don't like it leave right? and when your leaving i will be punching you in the face because i like it.
2007-06-07 15:05:48 UTC
well, if its cold outside they wouldnt want to go out instead of stay in the warmth. and honestly how hard is it to just light up right outside..? and it poses some major health risks.
2007-06-07 15:04:06 UTC
If the smokers want to slowly kill themselves why don't they just go jump into a fresh grave & bury themselves in.
2007-06-07 15:13:41 UTC
Lol Good one. All that fresh air hey? No complaints from me if that was to happen!!
2007-06-07 15:07:17 UTC
if you wanna kill yourself thats fine...go ahead but dont put some1 else in that chose to smoke so YOU should stand out in the cold...its your addiction/habit so you deal with it elsewhere....if some guy was snorting in a bar would you wanna be told to get out or should he? Stop being self centred you pig!
Truth is elusive
2007-06-07 15:04:21 UTC
Why should every bar be filled with smoke?
2007-06-08 06:40:57 UTC
wouldnt it be better to have smoking and non-smoking pubs. That would be freedom of choice
2007-06-07 15:09:57 UTC
Becasue they're babies. We're all gonna die from something sooner or later. Did you know that grilling foods can add carcinogens!!! Oh noes!
2007-06-07 15:04:30 UTC
mostly public place were i live is non smoking because we dont like the smoke
2007-06-08 01:13:06 UTC
Cos we are a majority .... haha
2007-06-07 15:13:06 UTC
it is coz they are bovvered yeah but no but yeah
2007-06-07 15:04:16 UTC
2007-06-07 15:10:17 UTC
Selfish b****ard springs to mind .....
2007-06-09 13:35:19 UTC
cracking idea! im with you on that one!
2007-06-07 15:04:20 UTC
Ha ha! No chance, you've been banished!
2007-06-08 04:15:37 UTC
good bloody point!
2007-06-07 15:14:43 UTC
i agree with karenslovinlife totally.........
2007-06-07 15:03:48 UTC
ewww don't smoke!

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